Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What to Look for in Lingerie to Cover your Body Problem Areas

We all want to look and feel sexy in our lingerie not just for our special someone’s but for ourselves as well. To feel comfortable in lingerie, it has to feel good and flatter us in all the right places. If you are busy pulling, scratching or tucking things in, it will not be sexy to either you or your partner. So next time you are lingerie shopping, there are a few things you have to figure our first and look for.

-If you are small chested, you want to put emphasis on your legs or best assets of your body. If you are skinny and want to hide the thin legs, put on a garter and stockings. This will add some drama and excitement to you lower parts and distract the eyes from your small breasts.

-For those of us who have a large belly or that extra flab that does not want to go away, cover it. Look for draped or flowy garments that will help accentuate your chest and diminish your belly. If you want to show off you backside, do so with a thong or sexy panties.

-If you have large breasts, good for you! If you have droopy large breasts, look for lingerie tops with underwire or a halter top that will push them up in the right place.

-If you hate your large bottom or hips, I would ask you why? If your large hips bother you then look for garments that are loose and do not cling on to your waist such as Bustiers do. Instead, look for straight cut styles that can enhance your other good parts such as your chest.

-Short women should look for gowns with a long slip in the leg, which will look very sexy and give you a taller appearance. Short baby dolls are also fun and sexy and will help with the illusion that you are taller. Stay away from long gown with no slips or lingerie that hangs too loose on your body as this will make you appear even shorter.

-Tall women should show off their long legs with short styled lingerie. White lingerie and skirts that tie around your hips are good for your body type. Vertical stripes will also be a good choice for you.

Every one of us wants to look good and appropriate whether it’s just for us to make us feel sexy and youthful or for our lovers. If we choose the right type of lingerie styles and sexy colors such as black, white or red, for our body types, we will feel sexy every time!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Lingerie in Your Closet

Today there are so many types of fashion and accessories surrounding us that it is hard to keep up with any of them. Every month it seems that new designers are coming out and new fashion statements are taking over and we have to clean our closet for our new apparel. This time, try to clean out your Lingerie section as well. Lingerie is and should be as important as our sexy dresses or new attire that we wear and like to show off to our friends. When it comes to lingerie and looking and feeling good underneath your cloths, there are over 40 different options you can go with.

We all like our pajamas and are sometimes attached to them more then we should be. This month, try to ditch the old, worn out PJs and slip into something sexier. If you want to spice up your love life or just look good for yourself, you should purchase babydolls or chemise. A babydoll is a short nightgown that is loose around the body and tight around the chest. A Chemise is like a babydoll except that it contours to your body. With babydolls and chemise you may to choose to show off as much of as little body you are comfortable with.

Wearing pajamas to bed can be practical but is not sexy, especially if they are too big and covered in childish designs. If you are scared to go from PJs to fully exposed in bed, try wearing a silky nightgown or a negligee. You will find a variety of nightgowns and negligees in stores and online, so make sure to find the one you will wear and feel comfortable in. We all want to feel and look sexy for ourselves and our significant others, but our shyness can prevent us from doing it. With lingerie take baby steps and figure out what suits you best.

Sometimes we are tired of wearing sexy babydolls or even a nice nightgown, and want to be wild and try something new. There is a variety of exotic lingerie out there waiting just for you to try! If you want something exotic to wear, then purchase teddy lingerie, stockings with garters, or g-strings and thongs. All three of these looks will get your partner drooling and it will give you a new found sexier confidence as well. So this year the new fashion is your new sexy and exotic lingerie closet!